Our Uni Top Tips

Our Uni Top Tips
Make the most of freshers week
Freshers week can be very overwhelming, with all the events, nights out, moving in and meeting new people, but it is the best time to take advantage of everything going on. Try and make as much time as you can to visit freshers fairs as these are a great way to get to know what is happening at your Uni, see what societies and clubs are available and to meet new people if freshers club events aren't exactly your vibe. This is your week to get all the info you can, so make the most of it. 
Invest in cute stationary 
We don't know the exact behind it but having cute stationary just makes you girlboss so much harder. Get yourself some new pens, notebooks, highlighters and planners as a well deserved treat for getting into Uni. One of the best things you can get yourself is a cute calendar or planner to stay on top everything from day one. 
Say yes to everything 
Whilst at Uni you're going to be presented with so many opportunities, one of our top tips is to say yes to as much as you can. Any work experience, workshops, lectures and socials, all of these provide you with such amazing experience that you can't get anywhere else. Don't forget to say yes to nights out too though.
Utilise that student discount 
One of the best things about Uni life and being a student is that student discount. Sign up for every student discount you can because trust me you'll miss it when it's gone. 
Invest in staple wardrobe pieces 
Whilst at Uni you've really have to try and stretch your money as much as you can. Get yourself a staple wardrobe, some wardrobe basics you can dress up or down. This will help you save your precious student loan and make sure you're fully outfit prepped for any last minute night out.