Six Ways To Beat The January Blues

Six Ways To Beat The January Blues
January is generally an odd month for everyone but during a particularly uncertain time we all could do with a guide to beating those January blues.
Have a Wardrobe Revamp
After the Christmas chaos we could all do with a declutter, to try bring a bit of balance to a crazy time. An easy way to do this is a wardrobe revamp, part ways with your unloved fits and invest in some new pieces to create a wardrobe you will cherish. Organise your life, revamp your personal style, going into the new year take a look at your style and splurge on some items you’ve been eyeing up for a while. You’ll thank yourself later when you have a full collection of pieces you just love to wear.
Switch Up Your Space
Change up your living space, with more and more of working from home at the moment we’re all spending a lot of our time in the house. Try to combat boredom and monotony by sprucing up your living space. Your home is your sanctuary and you want to feel happiness from every aspect of your space. Make a mood-board for what you want and invest in some pieces that you love. Even if you just want to rearrange the current pieces you have in your home, a switch up is always a great way to blow off those January cobwebs and have a clean start to your year through your home life.
Try Different Things
Make more plans. January can be a time of slumping into a bad routine, trying to save money or dry January, can lead to neglecting your social life. There are plenty of ways you can spend your time and have fun without throwing your New Year’s resolutions out the window. Host a cocktail night with friends, get dressed up in the house for dinner, do a photoshoot with your girls and get that Insta content. You don’t have to sacrifice dressing up and having a good time.
Make a Vision Board
All of us associate the new year as a time for setting and achieving goals, which is of course easier said than done. Setting yourself new goals is an amazing way to develop a positive mindset, but sometimes the hardest part is coming up with what you want for yourself. To try and have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve create a vision board. A vision board is a way to visually manifest your goals for the future, to do this curate images that you feel reflect what you want for yourself and put then add them to your board. Your vision board will help you to set out your goals in a clear way and make the path to achieving them a lot simpler.
Challenge Yourself
If there’s one thing to be said for January is that its full of trends you can jump on. There are hundreds of trends and challenge that can give you a new focus to help you through your January blues. Challenging yourself in the new year doesn’t have to be as intense as committing to go to the gym for everyday of the month or swearing to cut out carbs completely. You can start off easy by trying a new workout or if try a new diet, give Veganuary a go. Whatever it is challenging yourself is a great way to shake those January blues by giving yourself a sense of accomplishment.
Treat Yourself
The one thing that always perks most of us up is just treating yourself. Whether its going out for a meal that you’ve been wanting, booking a getaway or splurging on a clothing piece. January is a dull month and you shouldn’t deny yourself a little indulgence to add a bit of sparkle to the start of the year. No one quite knows why but there’s no feeling like ordering and receiving a brand-new parcel and this is the energy we want to keep this month. You don’t always need an occasion or any reason to buy yourself something new.