Social media and promotion T&C’s

1) Discount codes and other promotions

These terms and conditions apply to all discount codes, promotions or offers online or associated with

The codes offer a discount stated both online and across our social platforms however reserve the right to cancel or amend these codes, promotions and offers at any time. We may also refuse the discount to any person that does not satisfy these conditions stated or for a reason that see fit.

The discount (in most cases) will have a specific start and end date. After the promotion has ended the discount code will be no longer available. If an order placed using the discount code is returned are not at liberty to honour the discount for exchanging or repurchasing items.

Our discount codes will state what is included across the website. If sale is excluded, all promotional graphics will state ‘Sale Excluded, T&C’s apply.’ Gift cards are not included in discounts unless the discount is specific to Gift cards and is stated in the graphics for that current promotion.

Discounts are not transferable or redeemable in the form of cash or vouchers and reserves the right to decline the use of the discount at any time.

2) Competitions and prize drawers

Competitions held across our social platforms are as per these terms and conditions and reserve the right to withdraw or disqualify entries/winners if they do not meet the following conditions:

Entry instructions will be left in the caption of a specific Instagram post with details of how to enter.
Please do not enter if you do not meet the requirements needed or if you do not agree with these Terms stated.

Entries/Winners must be over the age of 16 and have a permanent address – Competitions will state the countries/areas included within the caption. Please do not enter a competition that does not apply to your area, the prize will be withdrawn and re-drawn.

Options will usually include:


UK & Ireland


In the case of a second draw when the winner does not meet the requirements the competition will be drawn from the same entries and the same post as the original without notice, the new winner will be contacted.

We will contact you via Instagram direct message, ensure the handle is as stated to ensure you are giving the correct account your information: @Dressmezee

Winner selection is done at random after the entry period and contacted immediately. The choice of winner is final assuming they meet the criteria set out above. We will confirm with the winner via direct message on Instagram and retrieve the necessary information, confirming the Full name, age and address.

The winner will have 48hours to reply before the competition is drawn again and a new winner is chosen. This is due to small levels of stock and being able to cater for the correct sizing of our winners. reserve the right to disqualify the winner if they do meet what is set out above.

Prizes are stated in the original post – please to do enter with no interest/use of the product, size charts can be found of the website and most products go to a UK size 12. We will state in the caption specifics for each competition.

Prizes are not refundable or exchangeable for cash, vouchers or other products not included in the draw (unless stated by us in writing) are not at liberty to exchange items for reasons such as- but not limited to:
too big/too small/does not fit correctly. 

If the winner is unable to accept the prize for any reason have no further obligation to that winner.

By participating in a Competition at @dressmezee you agree to be fully and unconditionally bound by the T&C’s.

Please contact with any queries.